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How to Make a Brand Video that Stands Out [VIDEO]

Videos are increasingly a crucial aspect of any effective marketing campaign. But, with so many videos saturating the web, it’s difficult to make a piece that really stands out.

“The kind of videos that get me to notice are ones that are not really about the brand but where the team tells a unique, creative or compelling story,” says Content Marketing Institute’s Michael Brenner.

Waynette Tubbs of CMI concurs: “I don’t want to hear you pitch your brand, I want to hear the ‘so what.’ Put the ‘so what’ in a story format, compelling thought leadership quote, white board drawing, song and dance – get the picture?”

Along with storytelling, brands need to incorporate their customer base into video marketing strategies.

“There’s a big difference between a marketer or sales guy telling someone your product is great and a customer of that product saying the same thing,” says CMI’s Curt Porritt. “It can be really powerful.”

The two main ways to get customers involved in video campaigns are by either asking them to submit testimonials or engaging with them on live video chat.

Video marketing is here to stay, but Tubbs and colleague Joe Chernov point out that videos should be short. Old Spice kept its wildly popular viral videos at less than 2 minutes each, an aspect which contributed to the campaign’s success.

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