How to Leverage Offline Events to Create Content

Content isn’t easy to come by and many companies struggle with simply coming up with stories to write about and information to share. Holding and participating in offline events is a way to inspire content creation.

Every time you hold a live event, or attend one, or speak at an event, make it do double duty and use it to produce content. Instead of just being a passive attendee, become an event reporter,” says Sally Falkow of Business 2 Community. “There is no gatekeeper on reporting anymore. If you have a Twitter account, a blog, or a corporate online newsroom, you can publish content.”

Falkow suggests going to events that areĀ in the same industry as the company. This way, she says, “you automatically have access to an audience that is interested in your content.”

Then you should promote the content with Twitter hashtags that relate to the event, as well as reach out to bloggers and news sites that will be there to actively start conversations about the reported-on topics.

HubSpot Blog’s Lauren SorensonĀ suggests live-streaming the events, adding photo streams, and creating Facebook events as well.

“Offline events are an amazing technique to reach prospects and connect with current customers, but without generating some sort of online connection, it is can be difficult to analyze the success of your event,” she says. “By incorporating online tactics, you can gain a lot of insight into how your event performed.”

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