Texting Content Could be the Best Way to Reach Consumers

Text messaging a target audience can be a highly effective way to reach them quickly and spread a company’s content. It has the power to strengthen the customer’s relationship with a brand and eventually compel them to purchase products and services.

“No longer can you afford to rely solely on passive content, content that just sits on your site waiting to be discovered,” says Content Marketing Institute’s Gene Sigalov. “Your content needs to also be active, it needs to reach out to the consumer and truly engage them. … You need to generate a buzz… literally (in their pocket). You need to start sending texts.”

According to Sigalov, 90 percent of all text messages sent are read by the recipient within three minutes, and have an open rate of 97 percent (compared to 10 percent of emails). He suggests that companies send out short, easy to read content, such as tips and tricks, on these messages.

Just by texting customers once a week, he argues that marketers can bridge the gap between themselves and customers, since it’s more personal than email or social media.

Linda Doell of Ez Texting says that text messages should also be local to “help your customers feel connected.” Sending out a general cold text to every customer won’t exactly strengthen the relationship or endear them towards the brand.

Since texts are all about timing, Doell and Sigalov say that they must be sent out at the right time. Doell writes that text messages should be limited, so as to build excitement for when they arrive. Marketers can also text limited-time offers to “create urgency among customers.”

Although all the content marketing hype lately is about the iPad and smartphone apps, text messaging is a powerful, almost foolproof way to disperse a message among consumers.

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