YouTube Launches Marketplace for Brands and Content Creators [VIDEO]

Content marketers are accustomed to finding powerful influencers and good content creators to create work and make connections on behalf of their brand.

These influencers are often sought out for content on emerging platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, but YouTube has long been a place where brands can find users to create what might be the elusive viral video.

A new video marketplace

YouTube has made this process easier, with a new marketplace to connect YouTube “stars” and brands.

At a keynote presentation at VidCon last Thursday, YouTube vice president of product management Shishir Mehrota announced Video Creation Marketplace, a platform that will connect content creators on YouTube with marketers or agencies looking for viral buzz, Ad Age reported.


YouTube has had a history of supporting video creators since 2007 by sharing ad revenue, allowing people to create YouTube content for a living.

“We pay out millions of dollars to partners each year,” said Baljeet Singh, group product manager at YouTube. “Thousands of channels are generating six figures a year.”

Custom search for video stars

The marketplace platform will allow partners to set up profiles indicating what they do, their past successes and the demographics or types of brands they are best suited for.

Advertisers or agencies will be able to search by parameters, such as content type, target demo and keywords, to find the right YouTube star for their campaign.

Then, they can negotiate separately. YouTube will play no part in the negotiation stage.

As for other visual content platforms, The Mobile Media Lab represents Instagram influencers for brands to partner with, and Pinbooster works with Pinterest influencers willing to pin advertisements in exchange for compensation.

However, what creators offer on YouTube is perhaps more valuable than influencers on Pinterest and Instagram, which are largely curation sites.

YouTube creators have the experience and talent for creating videos that have the ability become viral. That is a very valuable partner for any content marketer.

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