Does Print Media Carry Certain Advantages Over Digital?

In recent years, online advertising has grown immensely, leading to a decline in the number of advertisers choosing print media.

However, Forbes, which is, of course, a print publication, suggests that print still has its benefits, including helping a brand to reach a niche audience, to have a place in something physical and tangible, and to add credibility among some readers.

Print advertising is not dead because it can still offer things that the internet can’t, Forbes says. For example, the post says, “Internet ads can disappear into cyber space instantaneously.”

But, then again, online content also exists beyond tomorrow’s fish wrap.

Proponents of online advertising counter that digital ads and content offer a higher level of engagement though the searchable and sharable nature of online communities. The effectiveness of online content and ads is also measurable in ways print results can never be, allowing marketers to take advantage of metrics and respond to what the audience is saying by its actions.

Online ad spending will surpass print this year for the first time. Print is a medium that may be teetering but has yet to be fully conquered by online ads.

Image courtesy of qvist/shutterstock

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