How to Tailor a Marketing Campaign for iPad

With iPad use skyrocketing, marketers have an opportunity to craft campaigns that will specifically work for the platform.

According to the latest estimates, 29 percent of all Americans own a tablet or e-reader, and among those, the iPad is by far the most popular. In order to reach consumers everywhere they are, marketers should be focused on how to produce iPad friendly content.

Gene Paek of Mashable says that brands that get at the forefront of the iPad revolution will be ahead of the game.

“Brands that can win hearts and minds on the tablet will be ready for the major shift away from the laptop and PC that’s sure to happen in the next decade,” he writes.

Rock the Deadline’s Simon Hill writes that optimized content on the iPad should include audio and video, two popular modes of using content on the device.

He stresses that marketers need to visualize how their layout will work on iPads and to “make sure it is eye catching.”

While content matters, context should go hand in hand with it. Marketers should indentify the target audiences who are using the device and show them the content they’re interested in that fits the platform.

“Plan for user segmentation so the content you deliver to individual users appeals to their interests, needs, and wants,” Paek says. “Aside from letting users choose what type of content they want to view, always give them ways to revise their selections.”

Along with allowing consumers to curate their own content, the app should be flexible as well. It should be changed and improved upon constantly.

Paek suggests investing in “maintenance, content updates, testing, and optimization.”

Companies need to invest in exposure as well, which includes paid advertising, in-store advertising, social media, and search engine marketing, says Paek.

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