Pinterest Adds Support for Slideshare, Kickstarter, SoundCloud

From day one, Pinterest has been an ongoing case study on how content will be consumed in the future (or right now) as users collect and share their favorite images and videos.

The most popular individuals on Pinterest are expert curators and the simple use of the platform has allowed multiple creative uses, from political campaigns to media distribution and resumes.

Now Pinterest has announced that it will also support and automatically attribute pins from sites Etsy, Kickstarter, SoundCloud, Slideshare, and 500px,. Writers from Gigaom and PSFK are praising the move.

This opens up additional opportunities for how content marketers can use Pinterest. Slideshare is a necessary component for killer content marketing for businesses, meaning Pinterest could be a new distribution vehicle for visual presentations. Boards could be organized by topic or author.

Supporting SoundCloud allows the music industry to use Pinterest to share content about artists. Board could be visual press kits with photos, videos, and tracks to share around with online publications.

Independent creators and nonprofits looking to fundraise with Kickstarter now have Pinterest as an outlet.

After all the legal disputes Pinterest endured earlier this year, they have been working to resolve copyright conflicts. In May Pinterest began attribution for creative community Behance, photo site Flickr, Vimeo, and YouTube.

As it overcomes growing pains, Pinterest is expanding globally and looking towards the future, namely being central to how content evolves in business and marketing.

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