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American Express Offers More Personal Approach to Mobile Advertising

American Express is offering card members a more personalized mobile experience.

The company introduced changes to its mobile ads on Thursday and is making an effort to connect with customers based on their interests.

American Express teamed up with Zumobi to produce the mobile ad aspect of its Membership Effect Campaign, according to Business 2 Community.

The campaign creates “rich experiences for smartphone users personalized to their interests and spending habits plus combine video, user generated content, and social media on smartphones. … Based on responses to a set of interactive prompts in the experience, users can also create a personalized panorama that is tailored to their interests in shopping, dining, electronics or travel.”

Another highlight of the campaign is that card members, if they sync their cards with Foursquare, Twitter, or Facebook, can receive “exclusive savings at select restaurants and retailers,” writes B2C.

In an interview with Mobile Commerce Daily, John SanGiovanni, cofounder and vice president of product design at Zumobi said, “With Gartner predicting that mobile advertising will be a 20.6 billion dollar market by 2015, countless companies are popping up and soliciting easy ways for brands to scale ad campaigns for mobile devices.”

He also said that brands must figure out ways to emotionally connect with customers to get their attention: “As devices become more intuitive, so must our communication.”

Integrating video into its campaign is a smart move for American Express, considering that video ads on mobile devices have a 35 percent higher engagement rate and studies show that personal content is much more engaging to customers.

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