Social Media to Determine Programming for New TV Channel

As platforms such as Pinterest, Reddit, and Tumblr dictate the culture of the internet, publishers are understanding that online chatter greatly affects other content, such as television.

In July, the much anticipated new U.K. channel 4Seven will take all of its programming cues from Facebook and Twitter and only air shows that have the most social media buzz.

In true social-media style, the new channel, according to Advertising Age, will introduce each program by broadcasting viewers’ comments about the shows — both good and bad.

More than 90% of TV was watched live in the U.K. in 2011, according to TV marketing group Thinkbox, so the launch of 4Seven will help Channel 4 maximize the audience for its most popular shows.

Social media also allows marketers to gain insights about audience sentiment in real time. Having those early insights means having the ability to edit or change content.

For online publishers, there are multiple venues to get audience feedback through social, but for traditional media, getting real-time sentiment from audiences is still a relatively new concept.

If the creation of 4Seven had a lesson for content marketers, it’s that developing an audience and knowing who they are is incredibly valuable. Content marketers need the flexibility to edit content depending on the audience’s desires.

Image courtesy of watcharakun/shutterstock

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