Using Display Advertising to Secure a Customer

Display advertising can influence everything from the types of services a company offers to how social its  site is.

Once customers click on ads, they should be taken to websites that deliver content the ad promised.

This consistency, according to ClickZ’s Nathan Richter, will promote higher conversion rates, and customers will begin to associate certain looks and feels with the brand.

Brands should track how visitors arrived at their websites as well as their locations and whether or not they’ve been to the site before, says Richter. This will be key in determining what types of messages are displayed.

“For example, first-time visitors should be presented with your top selling products, while returning customers who are more familiar with your band should see new arrivals,” he says. “More specifically, a footwear brand should display hiking boots to visitors from a region like Colorado and open-toe options to visitors from Miami.”

If customers arrived at a website through Facebook, a company should target them with comment-enabled pages, the ability to like products, and access to social login.

In the case that a customer came to the site from a niche blog, marketers should track which blog it was and offer products that relate to the customers, writes Richter.

Using analytics and finding out where customers came from, as well as why they decided to click on an ad, will greatly help marketers shape their advertisements and landing pages.

Image courtesy of slgckgc/flickr

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