How to Increase a Brand’s Popularity Online

The Internet is a tough place to get recognized. When it comes to marketing a brand, the best ways to get a name out there include link building, starting conversations on social media platforms, blogging, and tracking efforts to see what works best.

Links, whether they’re on a company’s website linking to others, or another site has linked back to the company, are always going to increase exposure, writes Business 2 Community‘s Sookie Shuen.

Links should be used wisely, and not so much that they overload the visitor. As Shuen puts it, “One very useful thing to keep in mind is Wikipedia and the way it allows you to begin on one topic and click through to move from one related topic to the next, taking you somewhere very different. Keep this approach in mind and apply it to as many relevant websites as possible.”

The links should relate, and the topics should smoothly flow from one to the other. Instead of focusing on posting keywords that are SEO-friendly to generate traffic, marketers should build their linking methods.

Blogging, as it’s been repeatedly proven, will also get a brand noticed. Shuen says that since blog services, like Tumblr or WordPress, have their own hubs where blogs are categorized, posts are more likely to be read. Essentially, those sites are doing the link building for the companies.

Signing up for a social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, isn’t enough for a company. Marketers need to join in on conversations, as well as talk to customers one on one.

By interacting on these sites, “This shows you as a friendly business, rather than one simply trying to sell,” writes Sheun. “Once someone does need your service, they’ll already be aware of you as a business they can trust.”

Google Analytics and web server tracking tools allow marketers to see the fruits of their labors. Whether it’s social media or content marketing, marketers should always be looking to find the best strategies.

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