7 Tips for Making Email Calls to Action Work

Forget the naysayers out there, email marketing is here to stay. Email marketing is an essential component for a killer content marketing strategy because it allows one-one-one communication with customers on a daily basis.

However, with 49% of people unsubscribing from emails because they were too boring, brands need to make sure their email newsletters get noticed.

For marketers looking to write killer call to actions, Business2Community’s Kristin Huddleston has 7 tips for crafting email call to actions that work:

Identify your objective and plan around it

Be clear about what you want readers to do. You don’t want to confuse them with multiple calls to action.

Give your call to action the best seat in the house

Keep your call to action “above the fold” where it will get the most exposure.

Make the most important thing the most important thing

Feel free to say the same call to action in multiple ways within the same email.

Keep it clean

Your call to action should stand out from the rest of the email. Use white space effectively.

Use your imagination

It’s not just showing the call to action, readers should want to do it.

Get your clients to pick up the pace

Create a sense of urgency by including an expiration date. This will prevent readers from setting aside the email and get to it later.

Tell ‘em what to do and keep it simple

Make sure there are clear instructions on how readers can complete a call to action. It’s better to have a longer email with clear instructions than to leave readers confused.

Another key element to send a great email is to keep it visual. Incorporating graphic and photos help get more results since images will stand out to readers much more than text.

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