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Why Email Newsletters Don’t Reach Customers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email marketing is an effective way to reach consumers, but spam filters and flagging subscriber interest can prevent the message from getting to them.

Over the past year, 77 percent of customers in the United States who use the Internet claim that “they’ve become more guarded about giving companies their email addresses,” according to an infographic by litmus.

Eighteen percent of these people say that they don’t open emails from businesses.

Services such as Gmail and Hotmail measure subscriber engagement to determine what emails are most important. If consumers aren’t actively checking or clicking on the emails, they become harder to reach.

The infographic shows that a majority of people, 54 percent, unsubscribed from emails because they came too often, while 49 percent said they “found the content to be repetitive or boring over time.”

To combat the statistics, litmus recommends having subscribers opt-in or double opt-in to ensure that they actually want to receive the emails, monitor engagement, and create a compelling welcome email that allows users to choose how much they’d like to have content coming into their inbox.

Email lists still have value. Marketers just need to figure out how to connect with customers and make sure they are still on board with the company.

Image by Flickr

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