Tips for Creating Top-Notch Infographics

More than ever, brands and organizations are using infographics to communicate messages, ideas, and statistics. An infographic is a way to engage followers with visuals and pack information all into one beautiful design. They are gaining traction because they stand out on the largely non-visual Internet.

Infographics are all about telling a story, compiling stats in an easy to understand manner, and encouraging sharing, says Content Marketing Institute‘s Paul Gustafson. 

Before putting out an infographic, a company has to come together with its design team and figure out “how the data will be presented so that the design communicates the essentials of the story‚Äôs message without overloading audiences with too much information, ” says Gustafson. 

When the data is presented, it should be done simply and with graphs and charts that anyone could analyze. “The best marketing infographics often boil complex ideas down to their simplest forms,” the author says.

By making it simple to share the infographic, marketers will see their work spreading in no time. There should be an AddThis button from WordPress, a share button, or a Tweet link so that people can pass it along.

Always make sure your data is fact checked and that you are holding up quality standards. And, to encourage sharing, end the infographic with a strong takeaway. This could be in the form of actionable tips or suggestions.

Does your company produce infographics? If so, what best practices would you add? Let us know in the comments.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Librarian in Black

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