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SEO and Email Marketing Budgets Expected To Increase [REPORT]

Digital marketing budgets — especially those of SEO and email marketing — are on the rise, according to the 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

An overview of the study showed that 68% of respondents plan on increasing their SEO budgets, while 61% plan to increase spending on email marketing.

Traditional marketing efforts, on the other hand, are losing ground. Direct mail efforts will decrease by 17%, and 53% responded that their companies will decrease or no longer use print ads. A mere 6% are going to up their TV ad budgets.

Traditional advertising is expensive. Social media and online marketing are cost and time efficient ways to advertise your brand. As more people begin to interact with companies online, there is no doubt that the budgets for online marketing will continue to increase.

Image courtesy of Flickr, miralize

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