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Why Brands Must Communicate ‘One Big Idea’ Online

Does your business understand and communicate one core message to consumers? If not, you may want to look into doing so.

In a recent post, MarketingWeek writer Jo Roberts encourages chief marketing officers to focus on the big idea about their companies to achieve higher digital strategy successes.

“By concentrating on the one big idea, CMOs will be better equipped to deal with the speed of digital,” writes Roberts. “Information can be passed around the globe in a matter of seconds, and if your brand isn’t clearly defined, it can easily become lost among the glut of content available to consumers.”

Fifty-seven percent of people in developed companies do not want to interact with brands on social media sites, according to the “Impact of Digital on Growth Strategies” report, as mentioned in the article. This statistic means that CMOs have an upward battle when it comes to digital marketing. A case study at Kellogg Company revealed a digital marketing strategy done right: It effectively translates its brand’s message, that cereal is a healthy breakfast option, both online and offline.

If brands keep in mind what they really are and what they represent, it will be easier to survive in the digital world. By putting out consistent messages, being human, and letting people know your true values, your brand will flourish.

“If your mission, values and customer experience have little to do with what your culture is really like, it will be impossible to have a consistent voice in any form of media,” writes blogger Lizzie Smithson. “Even conservative brands can be bold by staying true to their message and their voice. The boldness comes from telling the truth, not from the words themselves.”

In a time when more brands than ever are signing up for social media and clouding the market, it’s crucial to stand out by staying true to what your company has always valued, even before sites like Facebook and Twitter were invented.

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