How Email Subscribers and Facebook Fans are Similar [INFOGRAPHIC]

Customers interact with companies they follow on Facebook similarly to how they engage with brands via email, according to an infographic released by Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey.

Some of the key comparisons include the fact that a majority of consumers use their computers for Facebook and email (82% and 84%, respectively), that constantly sending out messages or posting status updates causes people to unsubscribe, and that consumers are seeking out discounts and promotions on both platforms.

“The parallels between email and social media marketing are strong because both are forms of permission marketing,” said General Manager of Social Media Mark Schmulen. “Whether someone likes your page or opts-in to your newsletter, they are effectively giving you permission to communicate; one happens to be in the newsfeed, and the other in the inbox.”

The study concludes that companies have to build relationships with customers, keep their content relevant, and determine how often to send out or post updates. Check out the infographic below for more details about the study.


Image by Flickr
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