Social Media’s Impact on Sales May Be Underestimated [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media’s impact on sales may be undervalued by up to 94% when the first-click attribution model is used, according to a new infographic by Adobe. The company measured more than 1.7 billion visits to more than 225 company websites in the media, retail, and travel industries. It found that the influence of social media is much higher when measured using first-click, as opposed to last-click, attribution.

Last-click attribution is that final click that consumers make in the last stage of the “buying-cycle action.” Before users make those purchases, however, they visit social media sites, view banner ads, and do their research online.

The first-click attribution receives none of the credit, but it is just as responsible for closing a purchase. Marketers should note that success metrics must include first-click attribution as well. This infographic will “change how [companies] allocate the budgets across social and other digital channels,” says eWeek. Check out the findings for yourself below.


Image courtesy of Flickr, Jo Jakeman

Image by Flickr

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