A Match Made In Heaven: Social Media and Content Marketing

Content marketing and social media are both highly important methods that marketers use to reach out to consumers. And the two are often dependent on each other, according to an article on The Wall.

While social media is important, author Wessel van Rensburg writes, without good content, it is useless. He says that, “it is silly to pretend you can meaningfully follow 20,000 people,” if you aren’t providing them good content in return.

Using Burberry’s Facebook Page as an example, he demonstrates how content marketing should be the number one priority in terms of marketing efforts. Although Burberry doesn’t respond to fans’ posts, they still manage to be very popular online and in the social media world. While 61% of their efforts go towards blog writing, editing, and copywriting, 49% is focused on social media marketing.

Blogger Heidi Cohen says, “Social media is dependent on content marketing, because distributing content and encouraging conversation about the information conveyed is at the heart of the community,” while “content marketing is about creating engaging information that results in positive brand recognition while encouraging prospects and customers to become familiar with products and services free of promotional messages.”

The goals of both are to promote brand awareness, engage followers, and attract new customers. However, content marketing is more about SEO and closing the sale. By making your brand’s content easily accessible through Twitter or Facebook, you’ll be able to reach out to more people.

As time goes on, the relationship between social media marketing and content marketing will continue to develop. Both benefit each other and can support whatever end goal your company has in mind.

Image courtesy of Flickr, janale1

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