Articles With Images Receive 47% More Clicks [REPORT]

Articles with images receive a 47% increase in clicks, according to a recent study released by content creation agency Curata. 

The metadata used for the image, including its title and caption, is more information for search crawlers to index,” which results in higher SEO, Brafton News comments.

Along with better SEO, Brafton News writes that if bloggers and marketers post images with their stories, they are more likely to be compared to traditional news outlets and gain credibility. Furthermore, “As SEO advances, a company’s position as a thought leader improves [and] has become a strong factor in its search ranking. Working with seasoned content writers to create relevant, original articles presented with images, will help a business improve search standing.”

The Internet is a very visual channel for communication. Users enjoy images, videos, and slideshows. It’s impossible to ignore the popularity of infographics, which companies and news outlets around the web create and post daily. Reb Carlson, in her blog entry “5 Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Posts Easier To Read,”
says that adding images “break[s] up your posts” and “illustrate[s] a point or bring[s] some color to the page. And sometimes an image or video is just more descriptive than writing text.”

Clearly, using images works in favor of both the website visitor and the writer or marketer posting a piece. As an article on Bukisa points out, images can evoke feelings and persuade viewers to take action. “The practice of using images to strategically assist messaging in communications is referred to as ‘visual communications’ and is an important marketing strategy,” the author writes. “It is important to create advertising and marketing using images that allow your audience to construct meaning and take action that is profitable for you.” Who would have thought that a simple picture or graphic could be so beneficial?

Image courtesy of Flickr, Khánh Hmoong

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