Marketing With Memes: How Lululemon Got It Right

In case you haven’t noticed, memes seem to have finally crossed the chasm into mainstream public. As job puns flood your Facebook timeline and “Sh*t People Say” echoes through your YouTube browsing, you may as well start thinking – how can I engage in “the meme game” with my brand?

In its recent blog post, 7 Steps to Marketing With Memes, the team at BlueGrass breaks down just how to use these contagious media objects without appearing cheesy.

“They’re relatable, encourage discussion, and yield strong emotional reactions,” writer Matthew Branson explains. The list brings up some important points, like being there first, and making changes it if it isn’t working. The list ignores, however, what we find to be a crucial element of branded viral content – elegance.

Yes, it’s a tricky line to walk – but it can yield a huge success, if you can do it right.


We really liked “Sh*t Yogi’s Say” by Lululemon, for example. The yoga lifestyle brand’s video is the perfect way to laugh with a trend, accentuate Lululemon’s brand uniqueness, and resonate with the audience.

As its star yogi announces her “chakras are aligned,” the brand pokes fun at the very things it loves about its customers. And at the end of the day, yogi’s share it with all of their yogi (and potential Lululemon-loving) friends, making it the perfect viral marketing campaign.

Do you think this is the right way to approach a meme, or is wacky virality a better bet?

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