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What Content Gets More Retweets? [STUDY]

Wondering how to get more retweets on Twitter? That’s easy to predict, according to a white paper released by HP Labs.

The study collected information from 40,000 articles posted to Twitter over the course of a week, analyzing who wrote each tweet, who published it, what it was about, and the tweet’s tone.

Every company with access to a lab seems to be publishing a “we can predict social media sharing” report these days, but one interesting point made suggested mentioning a known person, place or organization for the added likelihood of a retweet. This seems logical — the more personalized information regarding content you give, the more trustworthy it feels.

It also helps to source from a reputable source, and tweet about popular topics — bring in the cat photos!

Another Content Strategist retweet trick is a classic — it’s called selective sucking up!

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