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Is Blogging On the Decline? [STUDY]

Nora Barnes, a researcher at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth studied the online behavior of the Inc. 500 and produced a bold hypothesis — that blogging has peaked as a primary social media tool in the U.S. business world.

“Only 37% of those interviewed had a corporate blog last year, down from half of those interviewed in 2010,” the study explained.

But hold on… that means blogging, one of the easiest and most direct ways of publishing content, is now a thing of the past?

The problem here is not Barnes’ research, but her phrasing. Yes, keeping customers updated about new hires probably didn’t work — because it’s boring. So, rightfully, that sector of blogging — known as corporate blogging — is potentially on the decline.

The study also mentions that tools like LinkedIn and Facebook now lead the way, but brands still need content to keep these channels flowing. So, how are brands feeding these social platforms with content if they aren’t creating it via a blog?

The lesson here isn’t to stop blogging — but to stop talking about yourself.

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