How Much Original Content Makes A Strategy Effective?

How much original content makes a strategy actually effective?

The popular stock and flow content debate continues in Digitay’s recent post “Brands Want Content Curator Jobs.” Their take? A lot.

“It takes time to build that reputation, whether creator or curator,” explained Neil Chase, svp of editing and publishing at Federated Media. “It might take faster if you’re good at what you do, but you still have to get it up and running. You’re competing with a lot of other stuff in people’s in-boxes.”

“Take AmEx’s OpenForum, for instance. It took four years to get 1 million people aboard, and now it gets about 150,000 unique visitors per month. They have the resources to build and cultivate an audience others may not. Additionally, OpenForum was put on the shoulders of the end-user: small-business owners. These business owners are able to communicate and share ideas with one another, but they must be American Express Cardmembers. AmEx recognized the need to provide small-business owners with a connection platform and information that will help their business succeed.”

The problem begins when brands aren’t set up to be publishers, the article argues. so many content strategists don’t understand the value of useful, unique digital content. “It’s more likely that original content changes minds than just being a filter,” explained Jonah Bloom, KBS+P’s executive director of content strategy.

Great read. Thoughts?

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