Content Strategy Showdown: Reblog or Retweet?

Which content-sharing strategy do you think is more effective: reblogging or retweeting?

In a recent post on Z-Blog, reblogging is a better approach because it offers added value for your readers while bringing your blog more credibility. They explain:

“Reblogging isn’t just a potent means of secondary content promotion, it makes quoting others easier and consequently we can expand on the reblogged blog post and continue/build the conversation. Our arguments aren’t lost by a “sound bite” and we can take time to argue our case. This is how we make ourselves more credible, no matter the topic or the nature of our blog.”

We agree for a couple reasons.

  1. If a writer makes a good point, why weaken it by undoing their careful word choices?
  2. Your reaction, especially if your blog covers a particular beat, will still be relevant, but not repetitive.
  3. Your modesty in not ripping off their post will be respected, and will probably bring both blogs more traffic.

Image courtesy of Flickr, ollily

Image by Flickr
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