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Thin Content Doesn’t Trick SEO Anymore

Check out this post where Search Engine Watch laid out 10 ways rehashed, boring content just doesn’t cut in on Google Search anymore.

Some highlights – 

“However well your site performs in search engine results, at some point it needs to sell your product or service to a real person. With bounce rate looking to become an increasingly important algorithm factor in Google, there’s even less excuse now to pack your pages with average content.”

“If you have nothing original to say, there’s no reason for people to read your pages. Sure, you might rank higher thanks to your keyword cramming, but you won’t generate inbound links.”

“If you duplicate content from elsewhere online word for word, you risk falling foul of copyright laws or duplicated content filtering for that single page. Additionally, your entire website could vanish from Google’s results as the algorithm now looks at overall site quality far more closely.”

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