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Five Experimental Content Marketing Platforms You Need To Be Using

Hey Everyone!

So here at The Content Strategist, our goal is to offer easy and effective ways to reach your fans. Lately, we’ve found that many digitally savvy customers are using of experimental platforms to explore the internet. These platforms offer great ways for you to  uniquely interact and share content – but they all work a little differently.

That’s why we have investigated the hottest platforms, and found ways that you can utilize them for maximum success. Click on any platform’s logo for an in-depth guide of tips, tricks and strategies!


Tumblr is a free blog hosting platform dedicated to easy to upload, shorter form content.  The site comes with a built in community, which makes it particularly easy to connect using simple, sharable content.


Quora is a platform dedicated to interactive collections of questions and answers. The site is great for personal and industry related queries, but is still relatively unexplored as a marketing tool.


Instagram is a social photo sharing platform. It allows people and brands to create visually appealing and easily spreadable content.


Spotify is a music sharing platform  that offers users access to millions of songs. The platform just started allowing brands to build discovery apps on its API, and there are also creative and low cost advertising opportunities.


Pinterest is a site dedicated to collecting inspiration. Brands and individuals can create thematically intriguing pages for communities looking to discover new things.

 Let us know if their are any other platforms you need help using! 

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