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Make Your Reader Hungry Like Food Bloggers

Food bloggers have an advantage that most of us don’t – at the end of the day, everyone’s gotta eat.

But that doesn’t stop them from creating incredibly juicy content. We’ve rounded up the best tips from our favorite creative culinary stars that keep readers coming back for more.

Food Porn Daily

Drool-Worthy Photo Of Meatloaf

Premise: The name pretty much sums it up.

Mantra: “click, drool, repeat.”

Stick With What Works – For FP, that’s full-page glossy photos of decadent treats, and virtually no other distractions.

Let Your Content Sell Itself – They have subtly built in an excellent inbound marketing strategy with simplicity – you either click through, or select “randomize.” This fluidity should be a goal with whatever kind of content you are producing.

Be Poetic When Necessary – “Juicy Freshly Ground Chuck Meatloaf Topped with Country Bacon Glazed with a Tomato Brown Sugar Soy Reduction.

The Kitchn

Premise: Part food-blog aggregator, part interactive community, all delicious.

The Kitchn’s Weekly Wrapup, “Hot Posts”

Mantra: “inspiring cooks, nourishing homes.”

Incorporating Other People’s Content Isn’t Shady, It’s Helpful – This gives exposure to smaller blogs while helping readers find what they really want to read. It’s easy, effective, and makes you look better.

Answer Reader Questions With Content – “Help! I Need Meal Ideas for a Picky Vegetarian Eater!” Look through any comments you receive, and use your content to react. This makes your loyal readers, and potentially biggest advocates happy.

Become a Toolbox – That way, if your reader is suddenly craving quinoa, or help with their taxes, or whatever your content covers, they trust you to solve their problem.

Vegan Stoner:

Premise: Vegan chefs illustrate delicious and simple vegan recipes.

Mantra: “Munch.”

Use Visuals To Be Unique – If it fits your blog’s concept, it can give you a leg up amongst similar content.

“Get” Your Audience’s Ideology – Recipes are clearly nothing new. But for vegan home-cooks looking to whip up something fun and healthy without tons of work, VS is super fresh and needed.

Make it Fun – Because fun and cute often translate to extra emailing and social media sharing.

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