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TV Internet Blends: They’re Merging, But It’s Definitely A Wild West

Good Morning Everyone! 

Is anyone else noticing some major tv/internet blends lately? 

An online study from ad tech firm Casale Media and researcher Ad Perceptions found that that 38% said the planning phase for web video ads are still too difficult,  40% say video is plagued by creative problems, and 35% point to the execution part is the most painful.

But there are definitely companies who are unfazed by this uncomfortable transition period. 

 Shelby.TV – a cool way to save online videos, watch them in a channel-like format, and share with friends –  just launched this week. This personalization factor will likely be an ideal place for video ads that are a little “easier to understand.”

They were made famous, of course, by Bloomberg TV’s Techstars TV Show, so it’s no surprise that Bloomberg has been experimenting with more hybrid approaches to blending the two, like their ‘Live TV’ Placement Ads On the iPad

So what’s the verdict – are we ready for full-on video internet ads? Are you incorporating video into your overall internet strategy?

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