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The Key To Reaching Tablet Users (And Anyone, Really…) is Flexibility

Ok, so recent studies have shown that tablet users consume a greater variety and volume of content than users of traditional channels.

A couple interesting tablet behaviors to note:

  • Incidental news reading is prevalent
  • people go to specific brands they are used to more than they do on computers,
  • many see the tablet computer as more of a shared device than as a strictly personal one.


So what does this mean for people creating content? Your best bet is staying flexible. 

“Hiring siloed agencies who can only help brands move into a singular discipline, like Facebook or mobile content, won’t fit into a long-term content plan,” Post Advertising conjectured. ”Yes, you should have a social presence, but how will they help you when the next technology emerges? “

Take note of how your content looks on different devices, and on different discovery platforms like Google Reader and Twitter. Then keep tweaking – you never know where or how someone will be inspired by your stuff! 

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