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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Content for Luddites:

Writing internet content for Luddites may seem like a losing proposition, since the defining characteristic of this market is their distrust and dislike of technology.

But even the most severe techno-phobe has to go to work, or communicate with a favorite grandchild. Since this market is less likely to keep searching once they’ve found a source they like, attracting a Luddite once can mean becoming his go-to source for information.

Here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts when Writing for Luddites:

 Do use bullet-points, numbered lists and simple graphics. Luddites won’t read a wall of  text. The more user-friendly you make your content, the better.

 Don’t talk down to Luddites. Many people in this market feel like high-tech types think  less of them because of their aloof relationship with technology. Keep things simple  without becoming condescending.

 Do include likes to directly and clearly related articles on your site. This will help  establish you as a trusted source. Most Luddites would rather stick with you than search  for a new site when they have another question.

 Don’t use jargon. It’s okay to introduce and define key terms, but using slang or tech- talk will alienate this audience.

 Do title your content with what the article will help them accomplish. “Editing Digital  Photos in Adobe and Lightroom” tells Luddites nothing. “Six Ways to Make Your Digital  Photos Shine” will get their attention.

Do create a print-on-demand book about the subject your website covers. Luddites love  their “dead tree information.” If they trust you, you’ll convert hits to book sales at a higher percentage than most other audiences.

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