How To Write a Terrible Blog Post

Creating, conceptualizing, thinking about and writing not good content on the web is easy but not not writing bad content on the web is hard!

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That sentence is horrible. It’s hard to read. There are double negatives. It doesn’t make a good point, and it rambles.

That is the essence of bad blog content on the Web. Before you begin writing, it is vital to understand why you are even creating your blog.

The first step to writing terrible posts is a lack of direction.

You need to define your voice before you start writing. If you’re mixing serious food reviews with light-hearted posts about the latest tech craze, you’re going to confuse your readers.

Keep it simple. You should be able to distill your ideas into a few points. Use great writing to elaborate, but make the point clear and easy to find.

The second step to writing terrible posts is over-complicating things.

Even though seventh-grade English taught us to craft the title of our essays after we finished writing, blogging should be in the reverse.

Creating a concise and explicit post title before writing will help keep your writing on track. It’ll remind you not to delve into writing about the burrito you had today or the fact that your hubby left the dirty dishes in the sink. Again.

Titles should be short, sweet and engaging. This isn’t a dissertation and you’re not distilling your life into a few short words, you’re encapsulating a moment.

The third step to writing terrible posts is writing boring, nondescriptive headlines.

Putting links in your blog post is a great way to emphasize your point (and make some friends). Linking to statistics, inserting lively infographics and quoting experts all make your postings look more professional. Spllling errors and t@lk1ng lyke dis all ruin your blog’s image (unless your blog is about quotable misspellings).

The third step to writing terrible posts is failing to be useful to your reader.

In summary, keep your voice consistent, your titles entertaining and your content lively. Oh, and before I forget, always copy-edit your posts!

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