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7 Tips To Writing Shareable Content

The blogosphere is a huge garbage dump. There’s trash everywhere. Pieces of broken furniture, shards of sharp glass and rotting food dominate the landscape.

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But every once in a while, under a pile of waste, there’s a gem. And chances are, if it’s a good gem, it will be shared widely. Because everybody loves a gem.

Make your blog content a shining gem. Here are some tips for you to consider before you get going:

Have A Clear Purpose For Your Blog

If I’m looking for gems on the net, I don’t want to be sifting through more garbage; in this case, clutter. We want a specific reason to be at your blog. Is it about upcoming technology? Steampunk revival? Food porn? Be specific. In New Age speak, don’t try to shine as many diamonds, be one diamond and shine as brightly as possible

Write Snappy Post Titles

Web users have short attention spans and need to be lured quickly. Your first point of attack is the post title. Sum up your post’s intention in as few words as possible.  According to NapIncome, the best titles are around 60 characters, include post keywords, and can’t be answered with a simple yes or no.

Be Concise

Keep your blog posts as short as possible. This little image from BusinessOnline shows the inverted pyramid of content: Important information first, lesser info after that, and so on. Simplify!

Be Entertaining

Shizam! Pop! Those words are fun to read, but trying to fit them into a blog post is difficult. You want your words to be an entertaining ride for your audience. If you’re having fun writing your post, your audience should have fun reading it. Good use of jokes, personal anecdotes and funny links can all add lots of readability to a post.

Be Timely

Reviews and reporting require timeliness. If you’re writing about Shakeshack opening up in Madison Square Park now, consider yourself behind the curve and around the corner. Be up to snuff on the industry you’re blogging about and participate in the conversation. Only timely, relevant blogs get backlinks and the highest search rankings.

Use Images

Finally, the cherry on top of a blog post: imagery. Infographics are a great way of taking dense information and spreading it out into a pretty image that everyone can understand. But use them sparingly. Overuse of images, stats and non-text objects can overcrowd your post and make it look tacky. Only use images if they truly bring something new to the table. Don’t add images that merely repeat what your text is already saying.

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