The Most Awesome Content About Content This Week (June 24, 2011)

Here’s our weekly roundup of stuff to pay attention to if you care about content strategy!

How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever

In February, theĀ Google Panda update made clear what a lot of content marketers have known for some time: things are changing. Low-quality content, built primarily for search engines, is no longer a viable long-term marketing strategy. What matters now more than ever is the quality of the content that’s being produced.

via SEOMoz

Effective Use of Keywords in Content Marketing

Have keywords been getting a bad rep? While making them the sole focus of your content is never a good idea, there is a sensible way to use them while crafting your content strategy.

via TopRankBlog

How Smart People Who are Poor Writers Create Great Content

Creating great content is like going to the gym–people know they should, but they don’t. And one of their main objections is that they’re not good writers, or they don’t know what to write about. Here are a few quick tips that’ll help you down the path to producing content that gets results.

via WebInkNow

How Guest Blogging Can Send Your Brand and Reputation Straight to Hell

Here’s an interesting post on the the value of guest blogging — and one of the biggest mistakes companies make when they do it. Hint: it’s all about adding value.

via VerticalMeasures

4 Boardroom Approved Reasons for Content Marketing

Four quick tips for selling the higher-ups on the value of content marketing.

via Engage

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