How to Master Content Segmentation & Personalization

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One of the most important words in marketing right now is relevance. Storytelling is great, and plenty of brands have stepped up their creative efforts, but investing the time and money to tell a good story is wasted without a strong strategy backing it up.

Contently and OneSpot partnered on this webinar to analyze how brands use segmentation and personalization to increase site traffic and user engagement. According to Gigya, 43 percent of consumers ignore future communications from a brand once they receive irrelevant information or products, so marketers need to master these skills if they want to their businesses to keep growing.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The difference between content segmentation and content personalization (and how they work together)
  • How to organize prospective buyers and serve them the right content based on need, preference, and behavior
  • Ways to connect buyers with content on a one-to-one level to maximize engagement

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Image by Philippe Intraligi / EyeEm / Getty