The Marketer’s Guide to Luxury Content: Trends, Case Studies, and ROI

In February 2014, a new luxury fashion magazine hit the newsstands in 60 countries around the globe. With Gisele Bündchen on the cover, the 262-page glossy stood out immediately, justifying its ambitious price point of $9.99—$4 more than the top fashion magazines at the time.

While the sophistication and functionality of the glossy magazine could have easily been mistaken for Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, or Vogue, it instead belonged to Net-a-Porter, the online luxury retailer.

Porter isn’t an anomaly. It’s indicative of a changing tide within the luxury industry. Increasingly, luxury brands are following the Net-a-Porter model, creating content that drives sales and brand affinity to gain an advantage in all stages of the customer journey.

In this report, we’ll explore:

  • How brands like Equinox and Jaguar Land Rover are engaging audiences through compelling, well-crafted content.
  • Best practices for targeting and connecting with high-value consumers across digital media.
  • A framework for measuring and optimizing luxury content for maximum ROI.
  • Emerging trends transforming luxury content, including influencer marketing, streaming video, and virtual reality.

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