The CMOs Guide to Hiring for Content

Last year, Fractl and Moz scoured to understand the demand for content marketing roles. After parsing through over 75,000 job listings that contained digital marketing keywords and content marketing terms (think “social media marketing,” “content strategy,” and “Google Analytics”), researchers found that while brands were on the hunt for content marketers, the right talent was hard to find.

Their findings are not all that surprising. Content marketing job listings have grown 350 percent since 2011. So, too, has investment in content marketing. In 2011, content marketing spend was $100 billion; by 2019, this figure is expected to rise to $319 billion—more than Finland’s entire 2015 GDP.

With content marketing on the rise, many organizations’ biggest challenge is finding the right talent to staff their team. Some, like Cisco, are hiring over 200 content marketers. Others, like Coca-Cola, take a more nimble approach, supplementing in-house staff with specialized freelancers. No matter your company’s size or strategy, this guide will help you hire the right folks. You’ll learn about:

  • The hiring trends top brand newsrooms are embracing
  • How to align your hiring plan with a strong content strategy
  • Best practices for scaling your team over time
  • What to look for in each role—from strategists to editors to multimedia talent
  • How to secure and allocate your content budget

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