Contently Quarterly: The Summer 2016 Issue

Content marketing is transforming.

No, it’s not turning from a robot into a gun like Megatron. But many organizations are starting to leverage content in unforeseen ways even though marketing budgets make up only a fraction of the money spent on content by an organization in a given year.

Content is the currency companies use to communicate with the world; the marketing department is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s what I mean: At Contently, we have an editorial team dedicated to maintaining our two digital magazines and the print publication you’re reading today. We use content to tell stories and build relationships with both potential customers and the marketing world in general.

But we also use content to help our HR team create connections internally, to recruit potential employees, and to make sure we’re getting the best of them when they’re here.

Our sales team uses content to build relationships with potential buyers further down the sales funnel. After all, they say every sale starts with a story.

Even our product team leverages content to help explain our (often-complicated) tech to the world.

Extrapolate this across an enterprise brand and there’s potential for immense, Optimus Prime-level changes. Imagine JPMorgan Chase (a Contently client) using the power of storytelling to get the most out of its 200,000+ employees.

In this issue of Contently Quarterly, you’ll hear a lot about content marketing, but also about how content has impacted other parts of the enterprise. We’ll wade into the murky waters of influencer marketing, learn why sales is the next big frontier in content, and see how content marketing is thriving across the pond in the UK and Europe. Also, since this is Contently, expect a healthy dose of fun. (Content marketing poems, anyone?)

In the meantime, buckle up and enjoy the transformation.

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