Case study:

How SodaStream's Audience Grew From 0 to 100,000 in Three Months

Smart content distribution brought 100,000 people to a brand new site


SodaStream was looking to expand its digital presence across the globe in a very short period of time. Its primary approach to increasing brand awareness was to grow its U.S. audience, which meant quickly producing lifestyle content that would resonate with healthy Americans. To be effective, the content needed to deliver strong engagement among SodaStream’s target segments, and the best-performing content needed to be distributed to a larger targeted audience.


Within two weeks of logging into the Contently platform and using its talent network of world-class writers, SodaStream created its first story and saw strong organic engagement with its target audience. With Contently powering its new lifestyle blog, the brand grew its audience to nearly 100,000 readers in the first three months. Better yet, it saw deep engagement: an 87% average finish rate and over 2 minutes of engaged time per story, which is more than 8x the industry average.

SodaStream has also been able to retain its readers with engaging content that captivates the brand’s audience. “Our finish rates are great,” said Ita Bichler, the head of global digital marketing, “which speaks volumes about the quality of the content we’ve been able to create through Contently.”

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