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Level Up Your Content: Unleash the Power of Freelancers for Hire

Content demands aren’t slowing down anytime soon, which leads many content marketers to seek out freelancers for hire. Though it’s easy to turn to popular creative marketplace sites like Fiverr or Upwork, you may spend more time sifting through profiles to find the right fit than creating quality work together.

Finding the Right Freelancer for Your Needs

As AI-generated content creates more noise in the marketplace, quality writers are crucial for scaling content strategically. It can be difficult to find the right fit, whether you have a niche subject matter that requires an experienced expert to write about it thoughtfully or you’re in a regulated industry that requires knowledge of compliance.

You need writers who understand your brand, your voice, and your industry. Those qualifications may seem rudimentary, but I know you know how difficult that triple threat can be to find. Content marketers never have enough time in the day, which means you don’t have the bandwidth to train a newbie on the cornerstones of your industry.

You also need talented writers with proven experience in the niche that you can trust to give you a great draft the first time. You don’t want to waste the precious time you do have training a writer on how to put together a grammatically correct sentence, either.

Contently’s Managing Editors

At Contently, our freelancers are pre-vetted and trained before they’re ever assigned to a client account. Our Managing Editors act as an extension of your team, enabling you to train one person on your brand tone, voice, and guidelines and then hand over the reins when it comes to sourcing, training, and editing the freelancers for hire.

With this valuable teammate in place, you can scale content creation rapidly. Managing Editors meet with their clients at their convenience for routine one-on-one meetings. In these sessions, clients discuss their content ideas, ask for help with ideation, and share feedback on recent content submissions.

Managing Editors keep track of your content calendar, advising where there are potential gaps that a new piece could fill. Whether you’re strategizing for better thought leadership on your blog or need a more strategic approach to the whole funnel, our Managing Editors can help you create a content calendar that meets those needs.

Contently content calendar

Contently’s Freelancers for Hire

With over 160,000 freelance profiles currently listed on Contently’s creative marketplace, we offer a broad array of talent for every industry. You’re not just tapping into a global network of creatives—you’re investing in a smarter way to scale your content program.

We don’t just offer access to talented writers, either. Our network is comprised of talented creatives in a variety of disciplines—including editorial, graphic design, illustration, photography, videography, and more. Just imagine what you could produce with these creative professionals at your fingertips.

We can also connect you to talent in various industries, from healthcare and financial services to hospitality and manufacturing. Got a specific niche in your field? Our internal creative marketplace team can help you find the talent you need for your specific project. Just submit a talent search request, and we’ll follow up with our top recommendations.

Contently talent request form example

Measuring Freelancer ROI

In content marketing, measuring return on investment is never easy. What kind of engagement on your content leads a person to act? How many pieces of content does it take to reach a conversion? What CTAs led your reader to schedule a demo or add to cart?

There is no right answer because human behavior can only be measured in averages. While you could analyze the trends and see what gets a majority of people to convert on a specific CTA, there is no formula for the perfect media mix that gets every viewer to convert.

While Contently offers a variety of ways to prove your content’s value, it’s also a great tool for assessing the effectiveness of your freelancers. In the Contributor section of Contently Analytics, you can view specific time periods to see which writers are making the most impact on your audience.

Freelancer for Hire analytics

You’ll be able to see the total people viewing content attributed to the freelancer, percentage of those people engaged, average time spent on their assets, average finish rate, and total attention time. These metrics can also be broken down by story when you open the carrot by their name to reveal individual metrics by article.

Above, you’ll see one of The Content Strategist’s key contributors, Laura Starita, and her contributions to TCS in Q2 2023. While those individuals preceding her have more total viewers, we must also consider the percentage of people engaged, average time spent, and finish rate. Those who precede here are founders, board members, or Contently alumni, and they all published their articles years before Laura started contributing to TCS. This alone shows us that she’s doing exceptionally well for the time she’s been measured.

If you need to see how one contributor compares to the rest, you can easily generate a CSV report to download and take to your team. When you click the Generate Report button on the top right corner, Contently gathers the data and emails you a CSV file.

Contently analytics CSV email report

This CSV file is attached to the email, which you can download in Excel or convert to Google Sheets. Below, you’ll see that I chose the latter. The contributor analytics pulled from Contently showcase the date range I pulled, Contently’s Q2, and the metrics for each author, including total people, engagement rate, average attention time, average finish, and total attention time.

Contently Contributor Analytics CSV screenshot

A Content Marketing Platform With Freelancers for Hire

Contently is the ultimate content marketing platform (CMP) for marketers seeking to scale their programs with ease. With the increasing demands of the business, it’s difficult for content marketers to keep up. We need freelance support that can deliver quality results quickly. Contently can help you achieve those goals.

Ready to realize your content’s potential? Get a personalized demo today to see how you can measure even more return on your content’s investment.

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