Infographic: What Are the Best Days and Times to Post on Social Media?

One of the most popular insights Contently’s strategy team provides clients is a custom analysis of the best times and days to post on social, based on the behavioral patterns of their target audience. This data is always met with a combination of surprise and relief—the answer is often counter-intuitive, and they’re grateful to no longer have the uncertainty of when to post hanging over their heads.

That’s why I was happy to see similar research from CoSchedule land in my inbox. Although CoSchedule took a broader look at all social media behavior, it matched a lot of the trends that we see. Weekends rock, but more so for B2C than B2B. Everyone’s wasting time on social during their 3 p.m. coffee break. And Mondays and Fridays are far less effective days to post than you think.

Check out the full findings in the infographic below, and use it to supercharge the engagement of your 4th of July barbecue pics.

social media best times to post

Image by Tristan Colangelo / Unsplash

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