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New From Contently: Content Marketing Benchmarks

With a seemingly ever-growing marketing technology stack to keep tabs on, and a resulting sea of data in which marketers are required to swim, it can be really difficult to figure out which metrics are most important and which insights must be acted on most urgently.

When it comes to content performance, marketers are limited to looking at their own historical data, charting growth or decline, with little background on whether those metrics are good, bad, or even downright useless. The truth is, it’s incredibly difficult to understand how your efforts are performing without something vitally important: context.

Think about it. How do you know how you’re really doing unless you know what success (or failure) actually looks like?

That’s why Contently is in the process of releasing the industry’s first-ever content marketing benchmarks, providing the crucial comparative metrics you need to understand how your performance stacks up to that of other organizations.

Gain powerful new insight into how you compare to other companies:

  • Production data: See how your operation’s output and efficiency stack up to the world’s best content marketers, including metrics focused on content creation. Identify key areas for improvement and growth.
  • Performance metrics: Dig into critical comparative content performance data including total and average attention times, engagement, and people. See where your content stands relative to industry norms.
  • Dynamic benchmark data: View production and performance benchmarks for any date range, from weekly, monthly, or quarterly to any custom range required to meet your reporting needs.

In the near future, we’ll expand our benchmark capabilities to include:

  • Additional production and performance metrics: More visibility into your content strategy.
  • Content amplification metrics: Better optimize your distribution spend. Metrics will include total cost, CPC, CTR, total attention time per dollar spent, and more, allowing you to eliminate waste and more quickly exploit areas of opportunity.

Data-driven decision making is a large part of what it takes to create content that works, and it’s part of what makes Contently the smartest content marketing platform on the planet.

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