Contently Playbooks: The Dartboard of Content Marketing ROI

ROI is a terrifying topic for many content marketers. In a survey we conducted last year, over 90 percent of marketers weren’t confident that their key content metrics measured business results. This is… not good, to say the least.

The reason for that disconnect is that most marketers have far too narrow a view when it comes to how content marketing impacts business success. Direct revenue is part of the equation, but just a small part, as Contently VP of Content Sam Slaughter explains in the first video in our new Contently Playbooks series. You also need to consider and measure the four concentric rings that surround the direct revenue bullseye:

  • Bottom-funnel influence
  • Top- and mid-funnel influence
  • Content’s halo effect
  • Company culture, training, and messaging

Watch the clip below, and stay tuned each week as we tackle a different challenge facing marketers today. If I can make a promise, it’s that these videos are going to be fun, a little weird, and they’ll help you do your job better.

For more info, click here to read the article Sam wrote that this video was based on.

Next week, in our second Contently Playbook video, Contently co-founder Shane Snow will get in the kitchen and show us how to build—and not build—a killer content marketing stack, using the enduring metaphor of the sandwich. Beware that holistic, hi-tech ciabatta solution.

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