Product Update: Enhanced Workflow Flexibility

It’s a sobering fact, but as SiriusDecisions pointed out last year, between 60 and 70 percent of content created by brands never even gets published.

Why? Because enterprise companies invariably have complex internal processes for approval, editing, and governance. Shepherding a piece of content through editing, collaboration, approvals, and compliance can seem like trying to get through an obstacle course—and all too often, even the most brilliant work can get lost on the shelf and forgotten.

With that in mind, we’re especially excited to release some major new workflow enhancements, one of many steps we’re taking in the next few months to make content marketing less challenging for our clients.

The key is flexibility. What we’ve learned from working with the world’s leading enterprises is that your content marketing platform should be able to adapt to your needs, both online and offline, in a way that sets you up for the highest likelihood of success.

Contently Workflow

As a Contently user, you will now be able to input custom names for all the steps in your workflow and provide more context for those steps, moving from a linear approval process to a more fluid system that suits your individual needs, whether you’re working on a blog post or a multimedia project.

Also, you can assign a contributor, due date, and, when appropriate, a price to every step in your workflow—giving you more ability to control your projects and manage your contributors. Once your customized workflows have been built, users will now be able to change, edit, and remove steps in the workflow as needed.

Image by Ruslan Grumble

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