‘Entrepreneur’ Magazine Names Contently One of the ‘Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America’

It’s fair to say that the business world is obsessed with growth. But while pure growth is great, it doesn’t always give the full picture of a company’s future success. Though a company may be rapidly expanding today, it could end up crashing and burning tomorrow.

For the first time, Entrepreneur magazine sought to take a deeper look at privately held businesses in the U.S. through a more holistic approach: the Entrepreneur360™ Performance Index. And we were pleased to find that we made the cut.

Contently was ranked among the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America 2015.” Entrepreneur360™ reviews company growth not just through top and bottom line numbers, but in sustainability, or the ability to achieve lasting success.

The results highlight the fact that companies can take different paths to this long-term success. In fact, Entrepreneur segmented the list into six archetypes: Best Practicers, Data Champions, Controllers, Classics, Forward Thinkers, and Contrarians. Contently was named one of the “Best Practicers.”

Best Practicer companies are defined by their tendency to:

  • Embrace industry change
  • Pursue aggressive growth
  • Use data
  • Communicate frequently with customers
  • Support employees
  • Establish nimble decision-making processes

As a technology company in a relatively new and competitive industry—content marketing—we’ve embraced constant change while growing rapidly, earning the 100th spot on the Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies.

We’ve built the Contently platform into an award-winning content technology solution that uses data to help brands make smart decisions around the content they create. Now we count some of the world’s most recognizable brands as our clients and advocates.

And we’ve been able to do this all while valuing our employees, and tackling problems by thinking differently—like our nonprofit arm, which funds award-winning investigative journalism.

We’re passionate about making the media world better for brands with stories to tell, and the creatives that tell them. Not just today, not just tomorrow, but long-term—because we’re only just getting started.

Image by Pascal Perich

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