Digiday Signal Awards Names Contently Best Content Marketing Platform

For an industry that didn’t really exist until recently, the content marketing technology space is remarkably crowded. And despite the fact that there are hundreds of different platforms, it often feels like they all offer the exact same set of features: a calendar, some basic analytics, and a few integrations, all packaged up and sold through a a generic website with a quotation from a satisfied customer and a bunch of bad icons.

When Contently’s product team sat down to determine what type of technology we wanted to build, we told ourselves that we would strive to do something different.

While other companies offered a kitchen sink full of features, we decided to stick to what content marketers actually need to be successful. While some companies collect data indiscriminately and dump it in people’s laps, we wanted to create analytics that help marketers learn and adapt, and ultimately help them decide what to do next.  And while other companies have tried to cut corners on the way to content marketing success, we knew that to be successful, we’d have to focus on the challenging tasks that lead to long-term results.

Basically, we decided to build a smarter content marketing platform.

Digiday recently recognized this work by naming Contently the “Best Content Marketing Platform” in the Digiday Signal Awards.

The Digiday Signal Awards commend the “technology platforms that underpin modern advertising, marketing, commerce, and publishing.” This win is an honor, not just because other winners include tech giants like Oracle and Salesforce, but also because Contently is, first and foremost, a technology company. While freelance creative talent is central to our success, none of it would be possible without our tech.

What we’re about, fundamentally, is content marketing that actually drives business results, from brand awareness all the way down to direct ROI. We’ve practiced what we preached from the start by using our technology to publish our own publications (you’re reading one right now) that have become the envy of our industry. And our entire business is based on helping our clients achieve similar results.

This year, we’ve made our platform more intelligent and more intuitive with the launch of Contently Analytics, inline comments, the Stories API, and more—a big part of why we’re fortunate to count some of the best content creators in the world as our clients.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been recognized for our company culture, our rapid expansion, and now for our technology. As a company, we pride ourselves on the ability to think differently in order to be better. With all of this praise, it’s important to take a moment to think about how far we’ve come. But now more than ever, we’re going to continue to look forward.

Image by melis/Shutterstock

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