A Story About Stories (a Product Announcement)

We do a lot of research at Contently.

Not only because we want to know what marketers and our customers really need, but also because we’ve seen first-hand how pairing great content with original research has turned out to be a great way to get and maintain readers’ attention on our sister publication The Content Strategist.

It makes sense. I mean who doesn’t want to read about data that’s actually… you know…useful?

So in one of our recent surveys, we asked Contently clients what their biggest challenges were. Right there near the top was the need to “be able to create high quality, original content quickly and at scale.”

It might not surprise you, but one of our core missions at Contently is to address that need — making content marketers more successful by making them more efficient. In that spirit, we recently launched the Stories API.

The Stories API simplifies online publishing through the Contently platform, while improving content performance analytics capabilities across other platforms.

It provides integration between Contently and virtually any third party CMS, which is another big step beyond the current integrations we already provide with WordPress, Tumblr and Hubspot.

Ideally, the Stories API is designed for organizations that are publishing a high volume of stories, and for those with proprietary content management systems, but just about any content marketer who wants to reduce the steps in the content publishing process can take advantage.

We’re currently working on an implementation of the Stories API with one of our favorite clients, IHS, and John Ward, their Senior Director of Thought Leadership, anticipates “we will save thousands of hours of time publishing content this year with this implementation alone.”

Many of our clients are following suit, and if you’d like to join them, give us a shout.


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