#ModernMarketing Podcast, Episode 4: Can Humans Survive the Content Curation Age?

In this episode, host Kavi Guppta explores how content curation has transformed the way audiences access information in the digital age. With the flood of content being published on the Internet every day, curation has become an important part of how many users find the content they want—and trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Executive producer Joe Lazauskas offer his perspective on the benefits and weaknesses of content curation as a content strategy, and later Dave Pell explains his philosophy of content curation through his wildly successful email newsletter Next Draft. The big question: How important are human curators in a time of increasing automatization? Listen in to find out.

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Articles Mentioned In This Episode

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Joe Lazauskas, Editor-in-Chief at Contently (@JoeLazauskas)

Dave Pell, creator of Next Draft (@DavePell)


Host and producer: Kavi Guppta (@kaviguppta)

Assistant producer and co-writer: Kristen Marano (@Kmarano)

Executive producer: Joe Lazauskas (@JoeLazauskas)

Additional Music

Natural Sensation by nExow (Modern Marketing Theme)

Image by Alexey Lysenko