My Content Marketing Adventures in Internet Headlines

Inspired by Sam Apple’s “My Teenage Years in Internet Headlines

They Hired Him to Run the Company Blog. What They Asked Him to Do Next Will Bore You to Death

The First 54 Press Releases He Edited Were Excruciating. The 55th Seriously Made Him Consider Going Back to Cleaning Up Dogshit at His Mom’s Animal Hospital

Slideshow: The 55-Slide Deck That Got Him a Small Budget to Start a Company Blog About Entrepreneurship

37 Brand Blogs About Entrepreneurship That Are Virtually Identical

Slideshow: The 17 Gin and Sodas He Had to Drink to Convince Himself His Blog About Entrepreneurship Would Be Different

The One Mind-Blowing Trick That Convinced 7 Desperate Interns to Work For Free

Video: Inside the Unsavory World of Brand Blog Slavery

His Boss Asked Him About KPIs. He Thought the Question Was About Soviet Secret Agents

Quiz: Does He Have a Drinking Problem or Work in Marketing?

Quiz: Was This Blog Post Written By an Unpaid Intern or a Nigerian Scam Artist?

Video: Office Drone Bursts Into Tears Begging for a Bigger Budget

They Finally Gave Him a Budget, but What He Did With It—Retargeting All of His Ex-Girlfriends on Facebook With Posts About Small Business Loans—Was Extremely Odd

Video: Will Anyone Notice if He Spruces up His LinkedIn? That’s Probably the Smart Thing to Do, Right?

He Expected His Quarterly Review to Be Videotaped. He Didn’t Expect It to Go Viral in the ‘Public Shaming’ Sub-Reddit

Content Strategist: The Two Magic Words on His Profile That Suddenly Got Him Offers For $250/Hour Freelancing Gigs

He Thought His First Two Gigs Were a Fluke. His Next Three Gigs Made Him Realize He’d Found the Greatest Loophole of All-Time

Slideshow: The 14.6 Million People Who Are More Qualified To Do This Job Than Him

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