Everything You Wanted to Know About Facebook User Behavior, in 3 Infographics

If you work in marketing, it’s safe to assume that you use Facebook as a key channel—and that you wish you knew more about how people use it.

But short of creeping over strangers’ shoulders at coffee shops or dosing yourself in toxic waste in hopes of acquiring mind-reading superpowers, how are you supposed to get that key insight? Well, no need to fear, because we’ve got your back—or rather, the people over at Global Web Index do, because they made these three infographics to help all of us figure out the mysterious world of Facebook users.

First up is a big question: How frequently do users visit social media platforms? This infographic shows that more than half of Facebook users visit the platform more than once per day, more often than other social media platforms.

Second, an infographic that tracks the number of social networks Facebook users have used over time. Nowadays, Facebookers are using and average of 4.15 social networks—that adds up to a lot of time and energy being devoted to social media platforms.

And finally, we have an analysis of which social media accounts people are networking across. Turns out, 9 in 10 twitter users are on Facebook, and the same is true of YouTube users. Pinterest comes in last place for social media cross-pollination, with just over 40 percent of Twitter and Youtube users using Pinterest.

So, for the sake of everyone, stay away from those coffee shop strangers and check out the infographics below instead.

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